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Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is vital in making any website successful. However, there are some websites that no matter how great their site is, they never make it. They might already be using SEO but they might be doing it incorrectly.

To help you from making the same mistakes, here are just some of the common mistakes made by some websites.

1.Lack of focus on crawling

crawlCrawling refers to the process when the bots of a search engine analyze the content of a website. The bots try to understand what the content is about and how it should be ranked.

Over time, most websites are crawled and indexed. Creating a sitemap for your website is important to help speed up the process of crawling. You can list all URLs in order so that bots can easily crawl your site.

Some websites fail to consider the crawling process and this the reason why it takes longer for them to appear in the top ranks of the search results.

2.Poor Content

Poor ContentEvery SEO expert will agree that content is plays a big role in the success of search engine optimization. Regardless if you have hired the most experienced SEO consultant in the industry, you attempt to use SEO will still if you poor content.
Your website must contain articles that will be relevant to searchers. Search engine bots will also have a hard time crawling on your website if your website does not contain anything valuable.

Avoid using duplicate contents as well. Many think that if they copy the contents of a successful website and post it on their website then they have a higher chance of landing on the top rank as well.

This is a big mistake because not only that you could be penalized for plagiarism but also this really does not increase your ranking.

Copying the material from another website will also not be good for your site’s credibility. If you want to last long in your business then you must prove to be trustworthy. No client in his right mind would like to make a deal with a website that has a questionable reputation.

3.Overuse of keywords

keywordsYes, SEO might deals with keywords but if you excessively use a term or a keyword, the bots might not ignore your articles. You might end up in the bottom list instead of being on the top rank.

The thing about bots is that it looks for quality keywords that closely match the demand of the searchers. Therefore, it is important to focus more on quality instead of quantity.

4.Buying unrelated links

linksBuying links will not always save the day. Many inexperience website owners buy links to increase their traffic. If you do this, you have to be careful on the links that you will be buying because you could just be doing unnecessary spending.

Search engine bots usually flag paid links and if you happen to buy links that are flagged then you could end being penalized or tagged with suspicious activity. Again, if you are serious investor, do not do anything that will ruin your reputation before you are even able to establish your business.

5.Obsessing with the web design and lay out

A website appearance is important because even if you have great articles, a searcher might not be interested in reading through them if you have a bland web design. However, some go beyond in keeping their web design entertaining.
An attractive web design is not bad; in fact, it is just as crucial as your articles. However, if your web design is causing poor quality of your site then maybe it is time to reassess.

If your graphic designs are causing too many problems to the web visitors like very slow speed or bot being unable to crawl at faster rate to your page, then perhaps you might have to reconsider your design. Do you really need all the graphic or videos on it? Maybe you do not really need all those distractions. If your design is getting in the way of you landing at the top, then change it.

Content Writing 101: How to Decide on Your Target Audience

Search engine optimization is not all about writing content. It takes more than content writing to pull in potential clients into a website. There are other process such as link building, blog posting, and even video advertising to pique the customer’s interest and have them visit the website. Even with that, the conversion rate will vary according to how well the Internet marketing is done.

One of the important things that must be carried out for the search engine optimization of a website is relevant to the target audience. Specifically speaking, it is a must to determine who the target audience is first before doing any online marketing campaigns. Without a clear vision of who the target audience is, it will be difficult to set a goal for the online marketing campaign. It will even become impossible to start that campaign without any idea on who the target audience is.

The first step in deciding on who the target audience should be is to ask one simple question: who do you want to read your content?

Remember that when it comes to marketing, if you target everyone, then you will hit no one. Hence, defining the niche to be served by this website will make the marketing campaign more effective. The niche refers to the group of people who may be interested in the topic you are writing about.

Refine this niche. Basically, you must be specific in who you are writing for. You can choose “restaurant” as a topic for writing. While “restaurant” can be a niche, that is not enough. After all, that niche is still relatively broad. Instead of that, you can try “Japanese restaurant” or “Indian restaurant”. These are more targeted niche and they can provide better target.

seoIf you can still refine the niche, then do so. You might be able to find a micro-niche or a subset of your chosen niche. Taking the “Japanese restaurant” as an example, the micro-niche can be “sushi restaurant”, “ramen restaurant”, or “takoyaki restaurant”.

In choosing the target audience, it is necessary to choose a group as small as possible. Despite being a small group though, the group should still be large enough to meet all marketing objectives.

The next step that you have to take when deciding on the target audience is to ask yourself: is it a viable market?

Even if you want to write in a particular market, that does not mean that the said market is suitable for you. Before settling in a specific niche, it is wise to see first if this niche is really a viable market for your business.

You have to ask yourself whether there are enough people in the group to meet your community-building and sales objectives. Moreover, ask yourself if these people actually want to listen to the information you have to offer. There are still a lot of things you have to ask yourself to determine if the market is a viable place for you.

Use the Google search to easily verify if people are looking for whatever information you plan on sharing. You can visit Google AdWords and type the keyword in there. You must verify that the keyword you plan to use has at least 10,000 searches monthly

Locate the ideal reader. The market is not just one single type of person, after all. It is a group of individuals you can connect with. If they group together (a bonus if they have a list of contact information like their email addresses), then that means you found a good market to target. Start by finding the groups they belong to, the social media websites they use, their subscriptions, and even events they frequently attend.

In content writing, you should never write to a group. You should write as if you are talking with only one person and that is your ideal reader. This is also the reason why it is highly recommended that you find your ideal reader first before you write any content. You will need to focus on details to find out who your ideal reader is.

Create an avatar based on the ideal reader. List the avatar’s demographics such as occupation, age, location, gender, education level, income level, family status, and ethnic background. You also have to list what values and moral code (the psychographics) the avatar has, ie. attitude, personality, hobbies, values, interests, behavior, and lifestyle. Name him or her. If possible, give the avatar a picture.

This avatar will not be used for marketing. All this will do is so that you can get a clear image on who your ideal reader is. You will easily have an idea in mind on who you are creating the content for if you have an avatar you can see. You should be able to make great content targeting the right people if you have the avatar.

There should be a lot of tools online that you can take advantage of to research more on who your ideal customers are. For example, you have the Research.ly and KISSmetrics as paid programs to help you research the market. Research.ly can filter conversations for demographics, sentiment, psychographics, insights, and influence. The KISSmetrics, on the other hand, tracks down the actions people take while on your website. They might have completed a checkout or simply visited the site.

In case you don’t have money just yet for these services, you can go for Forrester. Forrestor can be the tool you use to profile your customer’s behavior to know where they search for content online.

PPC Landing Page Quality Score – Hiring A SEO Agency

seo serviceWhen it comes to setting up pages for the purpose of landing within higher ranks of search results, you will need to work on more than just your home page. Too often, people find themselves working within the world of index pages and hope that their main site gets a lot of traffic. The lion’s share of traffic that will hit your page will not be going to the index. This is a fallacy of design, and while it’s not something that you should dismiss out right, it is something that you absolutely need to think about on a regular basis. Where are people going within your website? That’s something that requires some investigation, and if you’re not sure where to look or how to funnel resources to where you want them to go, you’ll need to get a SEO agency on your side.

People Hit All Sorts of Pages

You may have a website that is dedicated to Tiger Conservation, but people will find your site by searching for golf, or other elements. There are so many influential names, and ideas that proliferate pop culture that your page that has a streamlined topic will not be able to get the right kind of traffic going to the page straightway. Traffic that hits a page, turns any part of the website that they are visiting into a landing page. Landing pages make or break the interaction that you have within the world of optimization. It’s that simple. No matter where people are going within the framework of your site, the page is called a landing page, whether you want them to go that way or not. Don’t believe that people are going to find your site via the home page alone, because that’s one way to end up losing sight of the more important goal of SEO from the lens of an agency.

The Quality of Your Landing Pages

If traffic is always flowing to certain pages, you may not need to look at the quality of the site. You are already winning half of the battle. However, if you’re looking at creating a certain market share with your website, you will need to consider the quality. This becomes especially true when you are looking at using PPC. PPC is an acronym that stands for pay per click and it is directly related to traffic generation. The traffic that you can generate within this world is a matter of advertising.

When someone clicks on your ad, they will be taken to your site, no matter what page you want people to hit. When that occurs, you will find that the quality comes into the framework of the network that you use. No matter what network you use within your PPC campaigns, you will see that you will need to make sure that you pay attention to the quality.

Only Highlighting Good Websites

If you do not have a good quality score, a company may block you’re your ad idea. Even if your ad is going to be good and will help people of all backgrounds, you will find that the search engines that provide PPC opportunities do not like to allow sites to advertise that are deemed lackluster. You will have to comply with proper implementation of SEO, code structure, and have a clear call to action. If your site gets a low quality score, you may be marked as a spammer and that’s going to hurt your page even more over time.

seoFocusing on good websites is the most important thing that you can do, but if you’re going to work within PPC, you’re going to need to hand over the reins to a SEO agency. When a professional takes over the work for you, you’ll find that the elements of good site design, keyword use and more will be the mainstay. When all of these things are working together, you are going to end up with a great deal of positivity.

How To Avoid Scam SEO Agencies

The unfortunate part that you are going to realize about hiring companies to help you with marketing is that there are a lot of different options that abound today, and many of them are scams. There’s such a high scam ratio within the world of optimization because it’s easy to “Game” the system. This may be easy, but the results are not long term, which is why it’s best to avoid this solution and seek out a better option.

Avoiding scams is as easy as looking for the options that resound within recommendations. Look for other businesses or people that recommend using certain agencies. If you find that a company comes highly recommended, you may be getting the preferential treatment of a solid SEO. Not everyone that claims to be good at internet marketing is exactly good. It’s something that you should learn straightway, so that you are not scammed out of your hard earned revenue.

To avoid scams, all you have to do is take your time, and make sure that you’re working on due diligence with any site that you want to hire. If you don’t do this, and instead you use haste, you will end up losing out on the long term, guaranteed.

3 Things SEO Companies Do Not Tell You About Their Service

SEOMillions of websites right now are getting influenced by the work of a professional level seo company. To their amazement, traffic is rolling in and they are seeing market share increase.This is a great thing and something that definitely is a good thing for any website today. Then there are companies out there that are doing a lot of work, making a lot of money, and are delivering little to no benefit to people that hire them. Information technology comes along with a lot of bravado and hubris. That can get the consumer in trouble, because it’s the consumer that is paying for their salaries. If you want to ensure that you are not losing out on fake or trivial solutions, then look into seo companies that are going to do things on the right path. The following things are some of the things that companies of this industry will not tell you and therefore you should be wary.

SEO Takes A Long Time

First and foremost, not all optimization strategies will take forever, but they certainly aren’t a fast paced solution for your traffic needs. Any company that is boasting about the speed at which they can rank your site, including getting to the top position is not going to be worth trusting. Unless they can back it up with true white hat solutions, you will find that it’s an incredible waste of time. Proper implementation of the elements comprising optimization of this type requires a bit of time, but the results take even longer. There is no “one” solution here, there’s many, and the investment that you make initially may take months on end to manifest serious changes.

Ranking #1 Does Not Guarantee Traffic

There are pages right now that are ranking #1 for hundreds of keywords, but there’s one thing that they are not telling you. They are not getting any traffic. How is that possible? Well, keywords and rankings may go hand in hand, but not all keywords are getting a lot of attention. That means that you can rank #1 for what seems like a great option, but get no one following through to your site. Imagine something that no one cares about or very few people care about, and you’ll start to realize that you can be #1 and still get no sort of traffic. You don’t want to rank for keywords that aren’t going to deliver on the traffic front, so don’t rely on solutions that are pointing to those keywords.

True SEO Doesn’t Require Shortcuts

Oh, the shortcuts that abound in information technology. People love their shortcuts and they will sell you on them fast. If you hear about shortcuts like buying bulk links, or diminishing the value of competition by doing “negative” seo, don’t go with them. You want to hire someone that is going to take on the role of branding your company and applying the right solutions for optimal results. That means no shortcuts, even though they may be tempting. If you subscribe to the shortcuts that abound today, you will see your site diminish in value over time. In some instances, it may very well fall off the face of the internet search protocol.

The above 3 things that companies don’t tell you about their services is in regards to seo, but it could be in regards to web design and more. Don’t hire anyone that doesn’t know what they are doing or is taking shortcuts. This may seem obvious, but many people go for it anyways, spending a lot of money on hubris rather than results. If the company you want to hire can’t back up what they do with facts, then walk away. You need more than just mythos to create a lasting impression on the web today.